Family fear for missing Floyd County man's life

FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - A Floyd County man is missing.

Jordan Tackett is 26-years old, has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and is around 5'10".

Police say he has been missing since February 20th.

"He usually checks in with me. The longest he's ever stayed away is like two days," recalled Rita Scarberry.

Scarberry says it is out of character for her grandson to cut all communication.

Kentucky State Police troopers are investigating. They are still trying to find out if Tackett is in danger.

"He's not only my grandson. He's like my own child," said Scarberry.

She told WYMT, she believes someone may have taken him and she fears for his life.

"I've heard so many rumors, places that he's been but he's not. It's just very devastating," explained Scarberry.

Scarberry says his golden heart and giving personality could have placed him in this situation.

"You would have to know Jordan to know he would give the shirt off his back," Scarberry pointed out.

Other family members agree.

"He tries to make friends with everybody and I think a lot of people takes advantage of him," said Jenifer Patton.

Patton is technically his cousin but Tackett always called her his aunt.

Patricia Hunter is his great-aunt.

Both of them say they have not stopped searching for him and have a strong message for those who may be involved.

"Whoever did this to him, they are going to wish that they hadn't. I hope that God makes them pay dearly for it," explained Patton. "Whoever has got you, I will find you because you are mentally disturbed and you need help," added Scarberry.

If you have any information on where Jordan Tackett might be, you can call Kentucky State Police Post 09 and leave an anonymous tip at 606-433-7711.