Wife of fallen officer Scotty Hamilton talks support, hopes for future

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PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - Thursday evening was the 61st annual Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet.

One name that stood out on the list of award winners was that of fallen Pikeville Police officer Scotty Hamilton.

He was selected as the winner of the Citizen of the Year Award.

August marks five months since Scotty Hamilton was killed in the line of duty. Even though this is an amazing honor, his wife says it is hard to think about any of this.

"This would make his day", said Chelsi Hamilton. "I was excited for him, but right now, it's just been really hard."

Along with hundreds of people at the event honoring Scotty's ultimate sacrifice, Scotty's wife says the support continues to help her every day.

"I've had different organizations from all around the United States reach out to me, sending me letters, or sending something for Brynlee in the mail", said Chelsi Hamilton. "It's been really nice to know that people think about me, even on the hard days."

Scotty's second family, those with the Pikeville Police Department, say they carry on his legacy by adopting their favorite parts of his personality.

"His biggest characteristic that everyone knew about Scotty was his smile", said Chris Edmonds, Chief of the Pikeville Police Department. "Heard it so many times, even before the tragedy happened, we heard it so many times. I just hope that I can continue his smile like he did to everyone else that charmed everyone like he did."

Moments like these are what Scotty's family says will keep his memory alive.

"This is something that I can tell Brynlee down the road", said Chelsi Hamilton. "We're greatly appreciated. And that's how I can keep her father, you know, a good image for her, to let her know how respected and how much of a hero her dad was."

The Legend Award will be presented to Scotty's family for his sacrifice later this month at the Pike County Bowl.

His wife says the Scotty Hamilton Walk event will be held in Pikeville on September 8. She says medals presented at the event will be replicas of his badge.

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