Families are heartbroken after finding damages at local cemetery

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ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT/WYMT) - There is an upsetting situation for families in southern Kentucky.

There is extensive damage at a small cemetery in Rockcastle County after it appears a large truck drove across the grounds.

A headstone was knocked over along with tire marks along the grass. You can view that from the image above.

People WKYT talked to say they want state leaders to add signs or do something to keep trucks from mistakenly turning onto Route 1004 or Orlando Road.

Machelle Decker-Callahan says her grandson, who died at just 10-weeks-old, is buried at the cemetery. She says she is heartbroken to see headstones knocked over.

"He was sick the whole time. He struggled the whole time, and he deserves to be resting in peace," Callahan said.

She believes a truck driver may have been stuck and tried to get out, ruining some of the cemetery grounds.

You can read the full story from WKYT here.

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