Update: Owners of Kentucky Castle say its 'sale' is not what it seems

VERSAILLES, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - The Kentucky Castle is listed for sale on Loopnet.com, but the owners clarified just what exactly is up for sale.

Photo Credit: WKYT

Sister station WKYT reports the castle sold for $8.7 million in July of 2017.

People hoping to live like royalty will have to wait a little longer to realize their dream, because the owners are not actually selling the castle. They are looking for a new partner.

"We think someone with hospitality experience, who we could partner with, would be really great. It could take the castle to realize its full potential," said co-owner Dr. Matt Dawson.

Dawson and the group of physicians who bought the castle want someone to improve the hotel.

"We didn't put a price on it because honestly the person and the partner is more important to us than the dollar amount," Dr. Dawson said. "So anyone who wants to partner with us on this, we're going to talk to them, interview them, make sure their values align with ours."

The castle sits on 53 acres in Woodford County and is 19,355 square feet.

It was built in 1980 with 17 rooms.

Rex Martin built the castle for his wife. Martin sat on the unused property for nearly 30 years after a divorce. Martin sold it to Tom Post for $1.8 million.

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