Energy efficiency kits help students, families save money this winter

Published: Nov. 16, 2017 at 4:49 PM EST
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As colder weather approaches homeowners may see an increase in their electric bill.

Kentucky Power is hoping an energy efficiency program will help families save money.

Students at Johns Creek Elementary School are learning more about energy efficiency, which is knowledge they can pass along to their parents.

Thursday morning Kentucky Power delivered energy efficiency kits to schools across Eastern Kentucky.

The kits are for the students to take home, with the potential to help their families save money.

"We provide a science and energy kit that teaches them about how the energy transforms from one form into another and then we provide the lesson plans that reinforce that and tells them how to apply that in the real world at home," said Energy Efficiency Coordinator, Barry Nolen.

Inside each kit are LED light bulbs, a low flow faucet aerator, and a refrigerator thermometer.

Tools designed to conserve energy, which can help lower your electric bill.

"Gives them the information they need to go home and say, 'Hey, mom and dad even if you pay a little bit more for the lightbulb at the store look at what you're going to get in return and you're going to see those savings on your power bill,'" said Pam Coleman, a Science Teacher at Johns Creek Elementary School.

Coleman said this is the fourth year the school participated in the program.

As winter approaches those with Kentucky Power have more tips to follow.

Officials said one thing all homeowners should be aware of is phantom energy, which is unused energy as a result of leaving appliances plugged in.

"If you're leaking air anywhere he can do air sealing, cocking around windows and doors, look at insulation duct sealing, ductwork, make sure your ductwork is connected," said Nolen.

Kentucky Power hopes the kits will inspire a future generation of homeowners to be more energy aware.