Elkhorn City Elementary School celebrates '100 Days of School'

Published: Jan. 27, 2020 at 8:08 PM EST
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Students across the region celebrated 100 days of school Monday.

From homemade themed shirts to counting games, teachers and parents prepared students for the day by making it all about fun. They said making education fun is good for the kids and the school's morale.

“The one-hundredth day gets the students excited to come to school," said Leah Robinson, a teacher at Elkhorn City Elementary School.

She said students love counting to 100, so the dance moves and personal collections of 100 items help solidify their teaching.

"We really like to get the kids in the primary excited about coming to school," said teacher Danielle Ratliff.

Lacy Anderson, teacher and parent, said that excitement was obvious.

"My five-year-old, who is usually very difficult to wake up, woke up like that this morning. ‘Cause it was the one-hundredth day of school and his teacher had gotten him excited about it.”

Principal Franklin Lockhart said he is proud to be a part of a school that cares so much about making learning more welcoming.

"Here at Elkhorn City, we strive to do what's best for the students always," he said. "It's days like this that really show how important these students are to the teachers and how hard they work."