Eighth-grade student with Down Syndrome crowned 'Homecoming Queen'

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FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - An eighth-grade student with Down Syndrome was crowned Homecoming Queen Wednesday night at Duff-Allen Central Elementary. Kenzie Slone says she was surprised when her name was called.

"Me and Lucas (her escort) were surprised," Kenzie Slone said.

Kenzie Slone's fellow classmates cast ballots to make her the queen.

Stacia Slone, her mother, says Kenzie is known by everyone at the school. She has attended since she was three-years-old.

"To see (students) .. interact with her and care for her and watch over her ... it was just the best night ever," Stacia Slone said. "It was perfect in every way."

Kenzie Slone says she does not like to wear high heels and sparkles normally but she made an exception. She picked out her red dress.

"(It was a) gorgeous dress, it is red," Kenzie Slone said. "I tried that one on and it is the new one."

This night was celebrated by classmates, friends and family.

"Her dad and I are so pleased, tickled and so proud of her," Stacia Slone said. "She did so well."

For Kenzie Slone, this is her last year at Duff-Allen Central Elementary. Next year, she will go to high school.

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