Eastern Kentucky law center reflects on singer John Prine

Published: Apr. 9, 2020 at 6:57 AM EDT
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Many are remembering singer John Prine after he died this week from COVID-19 complications.

Prine's legacy spans further than some may realize.

His father was born in Western Kentucky.

Prine himself spent time there, writing songs with ties to the mining industry.

In his final years of life, Prine released an album in which all the proceeds from it went to an organization in Whitesburg that helps miners and their families get black lung benefits.

"It was a cover of my old Kentucky home and the b side was a version of paradise which is a famous Kentucky coal mining song that he did live with Tyler Childers and John Prine donated the proceeds from the sales of this album to Appalachian citizens law center to support our work on trying to get black long benefits for sick coal miners," said Wes Addington from the Appalachian Citizens Law Center

Addington says all of his staff are heartbroken and says Prine cared a lot for coal miners here in Kentucky.

John Prine was 73 years old.