Eastern Kentucky boutique remodels bus into a new store

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KNOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Many of you have ridden a school bus as a child but have you ever gone shopping in one?

Southern Bliss debuted its new bus boutique at the Gingerbread Festival this past weekend and it quickly caught people's attention.

"It is really like anything else around," says Southern Bliss owner Heather McPeek.

From name-brand items to changing rooms, this remodeled bus is a one-stop-shop for just about anything you need.

"My husband, this was his brainchild. We wanted an old bread truck that we could drive but he bought the bus so here we are," said McPeek.

This was a decision that no one seems to regret because it catches the eyes of many who walk by it.

"My favorite part is the fact we have fitting rooms, that way people can try on the clothes," says Assistant manager of Southern Bliss Tanisha Brock.

Riding a bus is something not many people truly enjoy, but shopping on one is an experience they won't complain about.

"Compared to it being empty and then filled with everything, it was just like wow," says Brock.

The bus boutique is also available for fundraisers and events.

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