Eastern Kentucky Veteran Center remembers 9/11 by honoring first responders

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - One Eastern Kentucky group is remembering the anniversary of 9/11 by paying respect to first responders.

On this anniversary, the Eastern Kentucky Veterans Center is taking the time to honor the first responders on 9/11 and those throughout our community.

Minor Allen, Hazard Police Chief, says it is a day to honor sacrifice.

"If Pearl Harbor was a wake-up call for the military then definitely 9/11 was for first responders," said Allen. "I often think of the quote you know no greater love then he to lay down his life for his fellow man."

Tammy Schmidt, Chaplin at the Veterans Center, says this event was just one way they could show their appreciation for first responders.

“Something that we can celebrate. That America came forth and the first responders were the ones who did it,” said Schmidt. “There is that common thread. So let us break bread and celebrate that wonderful theme."

It is a quality that is shared among the veterans and law enforcement.
Allen says that he still sees that quality in law enforcement today.

"I just thank God that we still have people that are willing to pick up where others left off."

During the event, the Veterans Center served first responders pizza and allowed them to share their memories of 9/11.

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