Mason-Dixon Kentucky Poll indicates governor's race is tied going into November

Photo: usbotschaftberlin/Photo: Commonwealth of Kentucky (MGN)
Photo: usbotschaftberlin/Photo: Commonwealth of Kentucky (MGN)(WKYT)
Published: Oct. 15, 2019 at 6:46 PM EDT
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The Mason-Dixon Kentucky Poll was released early Wednesday morning, and the results are interesting.

The poll shows that statewide, 46 percent of likely voters support Republican Governor Matt Bevin, while 46 percent back Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear. At the beginning of the year, Beshear held a 48 percent-40 percent lead over Bevin, but the incumbent has pulled into a dead heat with his challenger.

One percent of respondents voted for Libertarian nominee John Hicks, while seven percent were undecided.

The poll also shows Bevin's GOP support grew from 67 percent in December to 77 percent. He is pulling in 22 percent of Democrat respondents for the cross-over vote, while Beshear is drawing 15 percent from Republicans.

Among the Mason-Dixon poll participants, Bevin led among men, older voters and rural voters. Beshear led among women, younger voters and metropolitan voters.

The poll credits some of Bevin's resurgence to President Donald Trump's popularity in Kentucky and resistance to his impeachment.

Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy, Inc. of Jacksonville, Florida conducted the poll from October 10 through 13. 625 registered Kentucky voters were interviewed by telephone. All said they were likely to vote in the 2019 November general election. Respondents were chosen randomly, with quotas assigned to reflect voter turn-out by county. The margin for error is estimated to be around four percentage points.

You can read the entire Mason-Dixon Kentucky Poll below to see the specific questions asked and the demographics of the participants: (If viewing on a mobile app, click the link to see additional content in a web browser.)