Drivers stuck on Highway 80 for hours

Published: Jan. 23, 2016 at 6:56 PM EST
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From state agencies to local law enforcement officers in Southern Kentucky, they all had their hands full.

Shortly after speaking with the governor, officials were forced to close Highway 80 between London and Somerset for a time.

Police say the heavy snow came so quickly Friday, it was nearly impossible to keep it off the roads.

"Vehicles were sliding off the roadway, blocking the lanes, and it just jammed everything up. We had several commercial vehicles jackknife across both lanes, north and southbound in several different locations,” said Trooper Lloyd Cochran, with Kentucky State Police.

But officials say, what you're seeing, is nothing compared to what it was, just hours before.

"Last night it was just horrible. Nobody was going anywhere. 4-wheel drives were getting stuck,” said Cochran.

Some truck drivers say, they've run out of things to do, to pass the time, in the hours they’ve been stuck in traffic.

The traffic has not only slowed people down. It has drastically changed their plans, for days to come.

One patriots fan, and had planned to watch Sunday’s AFC championship game at home in Phoenix, but those plans have changed.

"If I don't get a load today, I'll probably drive south to a truck stop, and watch it there. I just want to find a place to park that's not on the road so I can take a shower and grab a decent meal,” said Stephen Kinsey.

Police tell us, remarkably, nobody was injured in snow related crashes in or around London, on Friday or Saturday.