KSP to heighten patrols for drunk drivers during Labor Day weekend

(WYMT) - With Labor Day weekend just around the corner, multiple counties are coming together with one goal, the 'Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over' campaign.

This national campaign runs from August 14th until September 2nd and, here in Eastern Kentucky, Kentucky State Police are patrolling the border of Virginia to make sure they are heard.

"It is almost like a shock factor to see so many police officers, vehicles with their emergency lights on," said Jody Sims, Kentucky State Master Trooper. "It's an issue with the variety of ways people drive impaired, with prescrIption and illegal drug use."

Thorough inspections are taking place at the Kentucky-Virginia border.

"With first contact, we are observing for potential odors or smells of alcohol or certain types of drug usage or possession," said Sims. "Then we are checking that individuals have their proper drivers license, that it is in order and not expired or suspended."

If either of these is the case, officials will issue a citation or a warning depending on the jurisdiction.

As these enforced initiatives continue to take place, seatbelt use increases while impaired driving decreases.

"So far today we have not had to give out any citations or seen anyone without their seatbelt on. Seatbelts do save lives and protect from serious injury," said Sims.

All these efforts to show that they care.

"As an attorney, I go to court and just see one side of it. So it is so important to be out here while they do their job," said Chuck Slemp, Commonwealth Attorney for Wise County.

Authorities are trying to get the community to see both sides of the law on the side of the road, knowing they have their best interest in mind.

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