Downtown Pineville growing with revitalization underway

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PINEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - For the last three years, the city of Pineville has been working on breathing new life into their downtown. Revitalizing the city has been the goal, that includes bringing in new businesses and restoring old buildings. One of the many new businesses to come to downtown Pineville: Sauced.

"It is a pizza, pasta, salad place," said Sauced's owner, Gina Wilson. "So basically you come in and you craft your own dish."

One walk down Main Street Pineville and you can smell the pizza from Sauced from blocks away. A relatively new business, Wilson said the community has been good to her.

"August of this year will make one year for us," said Wilson. "They completely warmly open-armed embraced us and our family."

Sauced is part of a bigger picture. This is year three of a five-year plan to restore the downtown under Pineville Main Street's Director, Jacob Roan.

"We offer an incentive program for any new business coming into downtown," said Road. "That incentive program has been utilized by nine people at this point and they've all had successful new businesses."

That incentive helps businesses become established in the area. Wilson said Sauced may not even be a reality if it was not for the help they received from the city.

"They helped us with some of our getting started costs and that was a huge incentive, we wouldn't have found that everywhere but we found that here," said Wilson. "They took a chance on us and we took a chance on them and I think we're both happy with each other as a partnership"

Other cities are now looking to Pineville to model their downtown restoration after. Wednesday Jacob Roan met with people in Harlan County about restoring downtown Harlan.