"Don't put your hand on me! Don't put your hand on me again!"; Triple murder suspect has outburst in court

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LESLIE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - During a court appearance Wednesday, a Leslie County triple murder suspect had an unexpected outburst.

Paul Douglas Sizemore faces three counts of murder for the deaths of Chad, Norma and Larry Bowling. He is also charged with attempted murder of a state trooper and a fifth individual, along with multiple other charges.

Sizemore appeared for his arraignment in circuit court Wednesday when he tried to turn around and face the crowd. The bailiff grabbed his arm to turn him back around when he started yelling.

"Don't put your hand on me! Don't put your hand on me again!" Our reporter heard Sizemore shout.

Sizemore's attorney yelled back, trying to calm him down. "Doug, look at me. Doug, look at me."

Once under control, Sizemore apologized to the court and the judge, explaining that he was sorry but he just does not like to be touched.

The judge said the jailer is in charge of Sizemore and his life, but the bailiff is in charge of protecting the courtroom and if he touches him that is okay.

"Mr. Sizemore. The man to your right, the jailer, is in charge of your life. The man to his right is in charge of my courtroom. If he touches you I am alright with that," the Judge said.

Sizemore responded with, "You may be okay with him touching me, but I'm not."

After all the excitement, Sizemore's attorney asked for protection of evidence and handed over several items to both the judge and the Commonwealth. Sizemore was only in court for about seven minutes.

A status hearing is set for April 3 at 1 p.m.

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