Update: Police officer flips cruiser while avoiding bicyclist

Courtesy: WRIL
Courtesy: WRIL(WYMT)
Published: Sep. 23, 2019 at 10:29 PM EDT
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A Middlesboro Police officer flipped his cruiser in Bell County Monday.

According to a release from the police department, officers tried to pull over a pickup truck on U.S. 25 East. The pickup took off in the southbound lanes and led police on a chase down Cumberland Avenue.

Neighbors said the crash was loud enough to hear over their television just down the street.

"I jumped up and I ran out on the porch. And, I could see the blue lights flashing and a big, bright light."

Lieutenant Floyd Patterson was driving west on KY-441 to help with the chase. While in the Dunlap Hollow area, he came across a bicyclist that was also traveling west.

A witness told police that the bicyclist rode out into the road directly in front of Patterson. The officer then swerved his cruiser to avoid the bicyclist and lost control. His cruiser hit a guidewire and electric pole on the opposite side of the road, which caused it to flip over.

Police said the bicyclist left the scene. Other officers stopped the pursuit to go help Patterson, who was taken to Middlesboro ARH for treatment and was released several hours later with minor injuries.

"The morning shift knew about the pursuit, obviously, from last night. Knew the vehicle, the description, knew the name, the suspect's name because they identified him last night. So, everybody, in-between normal calls, and patrols had been looking for the vehicle," said Harris.

The driver of the pickup, 29-year-old Shane Evans, was spotted again around 10 a.m. Tuesday morning in a different truck. A police officer blocked him from leaving a McDonald's parking lot and arrested him.

Evans was taken to the Bell County Detention Center and was ultimately charged with 20 crimes. Those crimes included: 1st-degree wanton endangerment of a police officer, failure to signal, improper equipment, rear license not illuminated, 3rd-degree criminal mischief, careless driving, speeding 16 mph over the limit, speeding more than 25 mph over the limit, failure to wear seat belts, 2 counts of reckless driving, fugitive, no registration plates, drug paraphernalia, possession of meth, and failure to register motor vehicle.