Developer hopes to bring "mini Gatlinburg" to Pulaski County

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PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - A developer is making plans to bring a "mini Gatlinburg" to Kentucky.

Del Spina Enterprises, who also built Lake Cumberland Resort, is investing $100 million in building another attraction along Highway 80 near Rockcastle River in Pulaski County.

They are calling it the "Miracle Mile Complex" and say it would resemble a tourist hot spot like Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

"We will be looking for events in all different seasons," said Tony Del Spina, developer. "We want to bring that area into a 12-month a year population."

The attraction would sit on 300 acres of land. The first 100 acres would have shopping, restaurants, and hotels. The other 200 acres would be part of an outdoor entertainment complex.

"It would include everything from an amphitheater, walking trails, horseback riding through the National Forest, the whole gamut of the zip lines," Del Spina said.

The idea is to capitalize on the more than four million people who visit the Lake Cumberland area each year.

"It's going to be occupational tax dollars. It's going to be jobs," said Pulaski County Judge Executive Steve Kelley. "He says when it's all complete, up to 3,000 jobs will be in the economy here. For tax-base, it would be great for us!"

The company is working with the state to get Highway 80 up to interstate standards.

The developer hopes to have part of the Miracle Mile Complex built within three years.

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