Deputies investigating pictures of baby buried under groceries in shopping cart

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PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The Pike County Sheriff's Office received several messages from concerned individuals about photos circulating on social media.

The Pike County Sheriff's Office is investigating after social media posts showed what appeared to be a baby buried under a pile of groceries in a shopping cart. This photo is from security footage and appears to be taken before the rest of the groceries were added to the cart.

The photos depict what appears to be an infant in a car seat buried at the bottom of a shopping cart. The infant appears to be under a large pile of grocery items. All you can see of the baby is its feet sticking out from the car seat. A woman stands next to the shopping cart.

Deputies said this incident happened at the South Williamson Walmart on Wednesday. After reviewing security footage, deputies identified the woman and went to her home to do a welfare check on the infant and any other children in the home.

Cabinet for Health and Family Services workers went with the investigators.

Chief Deputy Lynn Cross said the home visit did not lead the department to believe the child is in any danger.

"The deputy was there, along with a social worker," Cross said. "Both felt confident that the child wasn't in any danger at the home."

He said it is evident that the single mother of seven is trying to provide for her family.

"A poor decision, I would say," Cross added. "She's attempting to provide for those children, so I feel like that's just a bad decision on her part."

He said the department believes it was an isolated incident, adding that the department will discuss its findings with a prosecutor for further guidance.

Currently, no charges have been made. The investigation is ongoing.

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