A home within a home: Demolished house unveils 160-year-old log cabin

Published: Apr. 17, 2019 at 6:24 PM EDT
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University of Kentucky archeologists visited a log cabin found inside a Stanford house that was demolished.

The abandoned home was in danger of collapse, but it still held something worthy of interest. Archeologists noticed the logs of the hidden cabin were very old and determined it is at least 160 years old.

The cabin is near Fort Logan, one of Kentucky's original settlements.

"Probably 1840s in that area, just on a cursory look. At photographs of the structure and what I have seen of the building, it seems to be around that time period," said Dr. Jay Stottman. "Early 1800s to mid-1800s, based on some of the nails and the brick used in the building."

UK archeologists said they want to get more researchers to look into this and figure out what else may be in the area.

Property records show that the house had at least eight different owners and that the land it sits on was likely owned by Stanford's original settler Benjamin Logan.

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