Democrats delve into Louisville unrest during Senate forum

Published: Jun. 1, 2020 at 9:44 PM EDT
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Three Kentucky Democrats running for the U.S. Senate have delved into the unrest embroiling the state’s largest city during a televised debate.

They appeared on Kentucky Educational Television. Two of the contenders, Charles Booker and Mike Broihier, said National Guard soldiers should be pulled back after a fatal shooting while police officers and Guard soldiers were enforcing a curfew in Louisville.

"That's my story, I lived that. I've been in those streets demanding justice after my cousins were murdered. This isn't a tweet for me. It isn't just aspirational that we need to act and do more. We need results right now and it means we need to acknowledge the challenges that are living within our institutions that see someone that looks like me that doesn't come from a lot as a deadly weapon before a human being," said Booker.

"I could not imagine him facing a crowd and what thoughts and fears are going through his mind and the national guardsmen are no different than that. Most of them have not received training. This is a very very difficult thing to do. I think I tried to understand maybe put someone on the street who wasn't a Louisville police officer but it blew up and I'll tell you I still don't understand where the shooting is coming from," said Broihier.

The third candidate participating in the forum was Amy McGrath.

"Anytime a tragic event happens the first thing we have to do is have an independent investigation, make sure we find all the facts and hold people accountable. And I think it's so important because we need police, we need police in our community, and that relationship between police and every day people there's gotta be a trust there," said McGrath.

They are among a number of Democrats running for their party’s nomination in the June 23 primary and the chance to challenge Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in November.

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