Democrat House Representatives hosting round table discussions across the Bluegrass

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 10:31 PM EST
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The Commonwealth Caucus is touring Kentucky to sit down with Kentuckians to hear their concerns.

"Gives us an opportunity to listen to their concerns," said Representative Chris Harris from the 93rd district.

Kentucky's new legislative session is almost upon us and a group of Democratic representatives are touring the commonwealth to make their case for change in Frankfort.

"I just love it when people make politics not a spectator sport when they actually come out and participate," said Representative Angie Hatton from the 94th district.

They are traveling from town to town to let people ask questions to see what they want after this past election.

"If we would all put our swords down and come around the shared values that we have as Kentuckians that we could invest in our people in the best way possible and make the best Kentucky possible," said Representative Cherlynn Stevenson from the 88th district.

Hatton says the caucus is trying to focus on the things everyone agrees on and not the hot button issues.

"Maybe make up twenty percent of the issues that we deal with but they get 100 percent of the air time," said Hatton.

She says people are asking questions about pensions, tax cuts, expanded gaming and education.

"That will be perhaps number one priority for this new governor," said Hatton.

Hatton is hoping Governor-Elect Andy Beshear will shake up Frankfort.

"They're tired of people just arguing for the public's entertainment when they were sent to Frankfort or Washington to a job and represent their people," said Hatton.

The Democrats say they want bipartisan support to make a stronger Kentucky.

Hatton said Republicans were invited to be a part of the round table tour but no one joined.

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