Cyclists help make dream home reality for Eastern Kentucky family

Published: Jun. 12, 2018 at 6:59 PM EDT
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An Eastern Kentucky family is having their dream home turned into reality by strangers.

Tuesday, people with the Bike and Build Program helped put up the walls on the family's home. The group is biking across America, building and repairing homes for affordable housing organizations along the way.

"It really is amazing that they would come out and help people that they don't even know," said Molly Wooton, Homeowner.

Molly Wooton and her seven children, five girls and two boys, have waited a year and a half for their new home. The family of nine currently lives in a three-bedroom house, so Wooton says they are thrilled to have more space.

"The girls are excited to have their own bedrooms, they share a bedroom right now, so they're all going to have their own bedrooms and they're all just super excited," Wooton said. "It's our forever home, we plan on staying here forever."

The Bike and Build group is cycling 4,015 miles from Yorktown, Virginia to Portland, Oregon.

"I feel so blessed to have lived in one home my entire life and to have always known where I was going to sleep, and I am so happy to be able to give that to someone else," said Michael Nelson, Participant, Bike and Build.

"It's really been an awesome opportunity to almost walk a mile, or bike a mile in someone else's shoes throughout the trip so far, so really just kind of opening your eyes to the world out there has been a big impact," Skyler Settles, Participant, Bike and Build said.

Wooton says while the Bike and Build group is one of many who will be helping to build their dream home this summer, she is thankful for every single person.

"I would like to thank them all, every one of them, without them this wouldn't happen," said Wooton.

Wooton's house is expected to be finished in two to three months.

The Hazard and Perry County Chamber of Commerce held a dinner to welcome the group Tuesday night.

Some of the students are also teaching science, technology, engineering, and math classes while they are in Hazard.

"To spread STEM education through really hands-on workshops to the students that we work with and to dispel stereotypes about engineers and prove that we can be athletic, and friendly, and active, " said Massachusetts Institue of Technology student Kate Pearce.

The Bike and Build group is expected to reach their final destination of Portland, Oregon on August 12.

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