Cybersecurity provides jobs across Eastern Kentucky

Published: Aug. 7, 2019 at 6:03 PM EDT
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The need for cybersecurity is growing across the country.

"There have been issues nationally, even in metro areas and rural areas with ransomware attacks, cyber-attacks and things of that nature," said Micheal Cornett, Director of Agency Expansion at the Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program.

Cornett knew this region had a need for these types of jobs. The Cybersecurity Workforce Development program, the first of its kind, is not in any other rural region nationwide, he said.

"It is pretty innovative and a first step to helping folks in our communities compete for these types of jobs, many which can be done remotely without having to leave the region," Cornett said.

Once the need was set out, companies like EKCEP started to focus on how to bring these training work-study environments to fruition.

"What we at EKCEP decided to do was to bring a training program that is going to give Eastern Kentuckians an opportunity to not only train in various aspects of cybersecurity but also become certified, " said Cornett.

This opportunity gives the people of Eastern Kentucky a chance to stay here in the area and become a trained certified cyber expert for employers outside the region.

Using Teleworks as a model, Cornett knew this opportunity would soar.

Applications can be submitted through August 15th and training begins in late September.

You can visit to apply.