Cyber Monday: Small businesses bring in-store shopping back in style

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 6:12 PM EST
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Rounding out one of the largest shopping weekends during the year is Cyber Monday. Close to 30 million people will use their devices to purchase deals, causing some small businesses to suffer.

With the weather cooling down and Christmas shopping heating up, businesses look to find ways to capitalize on those staying indoors.

"These days they don't like to go out to stores and shop, they like to do it in the comfort of their home," said Sheena Grogan, co-owner of Oak & Willow, a new boutique in Hazard. She believes shopping in-store is coming back in style. "It's the way the clothes feel, it's how they fit and you can't really gauge that sort of thing whenever you are shopping online, you don't know."

On Cyber Monday, half of those who shopped on Black Friday will be shopping again for the same items.

"It's hard to not be online because you have a lot of people asking," said Grogan. "I definitely feel the pressure to do it because everybody does."

And that is the case down the street at Appalachian Apparel Company. Owner Joey McKenney said having an online presence is a must.

"To succeed and to thrive as a small business you have to have that online presence, you have to have that social media presence," he said. "Probably a little more than half of our business still comes from online and from places outside of Eastern Kentucky."

Online he is able to reach people and grow his business to places where he could not have otherwise. Although, after a year, he knew he had to make other changes.

"A lot of our customers wanted a place where they could come and see the new designs and actually feel the shirts. And I'm a people person. I love interacting with our customers."

And while some may think bigger corporations and businesses have the upper-hand, small businesses everywhere can hold this fact true.

"We get to pick and choose what goes on sale, when it goes on sale. And we can listen to our customers and what their wants and needs are," said Sherilyn Perkins, co-owner of Oak & Willow.

Showing that a storefront option still has its benefits.

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