Customers fill stores ahead of winter system moving into region

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PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - People across Eastern Kentucky began filling grocery stores Friday morning ahead of a snow system Meteorologists say will move into the region Friday evening.

Christy Jones and her daughter say they began stocking up on the essentials early Friday to try to beat crowds sure to fill the stores by late afternoon.

"We went to Walmart probably around 10 so we could beat [crowds] and we pretty much beat them because when we left at 11, it was getting wild… And then we went to the Pharmacy and Goody’s to just kind of shop around,” Jones said.

Jones told WYMT snow does not stop her from her day to day operations but keeping a close eye on the road is the best way to stay safe.

“The vehicle I have now is not very good in the snow and ice but the one before was, so I was kind of used to it and I didn't get so scared, but now I do get nervous you know,” Jones said.

Other shoppers said they are stocking up on items like milk and bread but they are not worried about the weather and how it will affect Kentuckians.

"They're used to it you know, they just try to get things together to last a little longer you know a few extra days,” Food City customer Gail Fugate said.

Hazard Food City managers said they are prepared for large amounts of people to come through the store for the essentials. One of the items they are encouraging customers to get enough of is water since much of the county is without.

"We understand about the water shortage too, so we've been ready all week with that you know we haven't run out all week of water… We're just consistently bringing it out so you might see a hole for a minute but we're going to bring it right back out here,” said Food City Manager Renee Chapman.

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