Crews work to reopen local zip line for summer

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PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - The White Lighting Zip Line at Bob Amos Park attracts many tourists and locals alike during the summer season.

"People use (the zip line) pretty frequently," Brad Slone, Deputy City Manager of Operations/ City Engineer, said.

Each year, the zip line must undergo an inspection. Slone says they must make a few repairs before the tours can begin.

"This year, as is typical, we had a few issues we need to address but nothing major," Slone said. "That includes some older trees that need to be trimmed."

Slone says they want to make sure the course is safe for guests. They go through each line to make sure it is up to standard.

"We are working now," Slone said. "So it'll be ready for summer."

Rubaiya Faruque recently moved to Pikeville. She says she was excited to hear the zip line will open in a few weeks.

"I have never gotten to explore it but I am looking forward to it," Faruque said.

Faruque says she has flown down a zip line in New York before. It was one of the "best experiences of her life."

"I just felt really good about it," Faruque said. "It gave me a lot of pleasure, for sure."

Slone believes the zip line will bring in many people this summer, like Faruque.

"Adventure tourism is a big thing now," Slone said. "That brings people in who like to do outside activities and that is good for the city."

Slone says they plan to reopen the course in June.

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