Update: Jim Beam alcohol plume expected to reach Ohio River soon

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - Updated Monday
Bourbon from the Jim Beam warehouse that burned last week is expected to reach the Ohio River Monday.

State environmental officials say fish kills were reported due to the runoff from the Jim Beam warehouse fire. // WKYT

Environmental officials said the bourbon will become more diluted the farther it goes.

Crews tested the oxygen levels in the Kentucky River. Low oxygen levels from the alcohol runoff killed thousands of fish. But from Frankfort to Monterey, officials said the levels were normal.

Original Story, Sunday
Crews are taking a look at the environmental impact from the fire at a Jim Beam warehouse.

WKYT reports the fire started Tuesday night and kept burning for several days. Eventually, run-off from the fire made its way down the Kentucky River. Fish were killed due to the alcohol that went into the water.

Emergency responders went out Sunday to evaluate the damage.

"The bacteria in the water is going after the food source, which is the sugar in the alcohol and so they deplete the oxygen. The fish start to become distressed, and they eventually die," said Robert Francis, the manager of the Emergency Response Team.

The plume of alcohol will eventually hit the Ohio River. Experts say the dead fish will decompose and not harm the environment.

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