Corbin ties together agriculture and urban lifestyle

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CORBIN, Ky. (WYMT) - Many call it a booming town.

A 40% downtown vacancy, five years ago, is today, at only 5%; but officials say, beneath those statistics, is a deeply rooted foundation of agriculture.

"What we've tried to do is bridge that gap as best as possible; to take the people that are dedicated to providing high quality local produce and meats, and connecting them to members of the community around them,” said Director of Downtown Corbin, Andy Salmons.

Tying a knot between cultures, traditional and modern, which together, empower each other.

"That's the goal. Farming, agriculture is one of the oldest practices humanity has been engaging in,” said Salmons.

"We have a massive resource of local farmers. Let's do a farm-to-table restaurant with 24 craft beers,” said local business owner, Kristin Smith.

She co-owns and operates the Wrigley Taproom, in downtown Corbin, a restaurant driven almost entirely by local resources.

"It's bringing the old and the new together here in Corbin. Look at this place. It's rustic. It feels like old Kentucky,” said Smith.

In a world where traditional ideas and modern lifestyle sometimes clash, officials hope Corbin is the perfect middle ground.

"Basically, Tuesday through Saturday, until about 11:00 at night, you can't get a parking space. It's just packed,” said Salmons.

They want the town to be the best, most unique version, of itself.

Officials say their next objective is to develop residential areas, downtown, such as second-floor apartments.

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