Community rallies to help woman living in broken down car after her husband died

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LAWRENCE CO., Ky. (WYMT) - Neighbor helping neighbor. Stranger helping stranger. That has always been the mentality of the people in Appalachia.

That philosophy is evident in Lawrence County as folks in Lousia are helping one of their own who is now homeless.

They say you do not know what you have until it is gone. And for Susan Price, it is the simple things.

"To have a shower to step into. That sounds silly," Price laughs. "And a kitchen...I would love to be able to cook again. I miss it."

For months Price has been living in her broken down car.

"This is where I sit when I eat. I take my breaks in here when I'm not walking around picking stuff up," Price explains as she sits in her car. "From around six in the morning to around nine at night this is where I spend my time at."

When it cools down at night Price sleeps in a storage building. But her life was not always this way.

"Me and my husband, Willie, bought this property and had a little two bedroom trailer here," Price points to a bare spot on the ground. "We had a small garden out where there is now a bunch of weeds."

All of that changed in an instant.

"Willie had been placed in a hospice in Ashland. He had cancer. Some people came to get me to tell me that my house had burned. I had to come back and deal with some of the stuff here," Price explained. "Five days later we were on our way back to Ashland and they called and told me my husband had died."

Price found herself alone, left with only memories.

"My husband bought me this and I had bought him a necklace," Price said as she lovingly displayed a purple cross pendant. " And this is the only thing that survived that."

However, Pastor Daniel Castle of Unity Baptist Church says Price is not as alone as she might think.

"We have dug out the septic system so it is going to be good to go for an inspection. It's not too old so it should be fine. And we are going to put in a city water tap since someone stole the pump to her well," said Castle.

So with the help of neighbors and even strangers Price will be back on her feet.

"We're not just gonna write her a lump sum check and let her figure it out," said Castle. "We are gonna help her every step of the way. And part of that is making sure that this money is spent wisely and every dollar is stretched."

If you would like to help Susan Price there will be a Compassion Cleanup event August 14th from 5-8 pm. Also, a bass tournament is being held at Yatesville Lake August 19th and you can use #susanpricehomeproject on social media.

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