Coming together to march for Blackjewel miners

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CLAY, Ky. (WYMT) - When hardships strike small towns in Kentucky, here in the mountains people stand together and take care of each other. On Saturday though, the community of Clay County came out to march for Blackjewel miners.

"You are not just family by blood, your family by jobs, your family by the community," says Revelle Berry, whose husband worked for Blackjewel.

As they yelled chants and held signs, the march began at EKU's Manchester Campus and ended at Clay County Middle school.

"We established this walk just to bring awareness that there are Blackjewel miners in a number of different counties," said former Blackjewel employee Clifford Berry.

Marching in hopes that Blackjewel miners and their families realize they are not alone.

"It sort of rejuvenates us so we know we are not alone in this struggle," said Revelle Berry.

Showing they will be supporting them every step of the way.

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