Coats and blankets left at Huntington riverfront for those in need

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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - The frigid temperatures inspired one West Virginia couple to do a good deed for those less fortunate.

Katie Myers from Kitts Hill, Ohio says Sunday she and her husband left a large amount of warm clothes at Harris Riverfront Park in Huntington for anyone in need.

Myers had posted on Facebook letting her friends know she'd be doing so. She says a bunch of people dropped off bags of clothes and blankets at her home.

She says she got a donation of about 15 bags of blankets from the Oakland Church in Lawrence County, Ohio as well.

Myers and her husband left the coats tied to trees and on park benches available for anyone who needs them.

She says she'll be back at the riverfront park Saturday setting out more clothes as long as it doesn't rain.

Myers says some people don't like to go to shelters where such clothing is available, and she wanted to help those people have access to warm clothing. She says this is the first year she has done this.