Cleanup begins as people return to their flood-damaged homes

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HARLAN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - As the floodwaters recede in parts of eastern and southern Kentucky, people are now working to clean up the mess left behind.

People who live in the Tremont trailer park in Harlan County are having to either dry out or throw away their belongings.

During the weekend, the trailer park had to be evacuated due to how quickly the water from the Cumberland River rose.

People who live there tell WYMT it will take a long time to clean up as they have to decide what must be thrown away and what they can keep.

“Like what we got, it’s valuable to us. It’s everything that we own, and to just up and have to throw it all away, it’s just like, it’s stuff that we have to have,” said Jessica Eldridge, whose trailer was flooded.

On top of having to throw away many of their possessions, the smell left behind by the flooding is also something people are having a huge problem with.

"It stinks, like bad. You feel nasty like you can't get clean," said Eldridge.

Flooding has been a problem for the trailer park before and the workers there said they are worried it could happen again.

"Well this is about three times I've been flooded out around here and this time it's flooded it's destroyed them all and I don't know if I can't get some kind of help with it I can't fix it back I don't think," said Tony Taylor, who manages the trailer park.

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