City of Hyden hosts memorial walk for Paige Hays

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LESLIE COUNTY, Ky (WYMT) - Saturday afternoon friends and family of Paige Hays celebrated her life with a memorial walk.

Since her death in 2017, her family and friends make sure to celebrate her life and continue to share her memory. More than one hundred people gathered at Hyden City Park for the walk. Later friends and family stayed for live music and food reminiscing over the joy Paige brought to each one of their lives.

The memorial dedicated to Paige is on Sycamore Street where she worked at Primary Care and was hit by a car.

Her brother, Wayne Hays, said that this day was not about feeling bad but to feel good. That as a community if they could continue to love each other, they can get through this.

Paige's mother, Louise Johnson, and father, Curtis Johnson, shared their continue support for other families who are going through or have experienced a loss such as this.

Reminding everyone that if they all come together there might be room for change in the way people make decisions.

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