Church cleaning up after pipes burst flooding it twice in one week

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PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT)- In Pike County, one church community is rallying together after frozen pipes burst causing the church to flood not once, but twice.

At Creekside Church in Island Creek leaders are making sure the church gets back to normal for Sunday service.

"It was definitely a surprise," said Jason Johnson, Pastor and Church Planter at Creekside Church.

Johnson said it came as a curveball sent from above.

"The first thing I thought was it was the baptistry running and I thought someone was here cleaning the baptistry," said Johnson.

Johnson began investigating Wednesday afternoon trying to locate an unfamiliar sound.

"I realized at that moment that the whole auditorium that we worship in was completely, basically covered in water," said Johnson.

A frozen pipe burst and sent water flowing from the bathroom to the auditorium.

Immediately clean up at the church began.

"It was well after midnight I believe it was on Wednesday night before we were able to leave," said Johnson.

Just when Johnson felt things were back to normal the unexpected happened.

"I get a frantic call on my cell phone, 'Jason, get back to the church, it's underwater again,'" said Johnson.

A second pipe burst Saturday afternoon once again flooding the auditorium.

This time the community came to help.

"The response has been absolutely overwhelming, but that's just the people here I grew up two miles up the road they are just good people," said Johnson.

Officials said they moved services to the youth ministry building while they cleaned up.

Johnson said they are hosting a cleanup party at the church Thursday evening at six.

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