Check your mailbox: Pike County first responders can't find home addresses

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PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - First responders in Pike County say the safety of those they serve is at risk because of a failure to maintain proper signage for 911 addresses.

Robert Kendrick, Greasy Creek Volunteer Fire Department chief, said there are many homes in the Greasy Creek area that are hard to find.

"Which costs us a lot of time in the long run if it's a life-threatening situation," Kendrick said. "If we can't find the address, it costs us five minutes looking for it."

He said there has not been a deadly issue because of the problem, but worries one will happen if it is not rectified.

Randy Courtney, Island Creek Volunteer Fire Department chief, said his squad battles a similar issue.

"The fire department could probably find you. Because if it's a really bad fire or something or other, we're going to see the flames," he said. "But an EMS call or something like that for the ambulance people, there's nothing visible to show and they're going to drive by."

He said Pike County has an ordinance regarding proper display of 911 addresses and it can result in a fine for anyone who is in violation. But, he said, it's more of a safety concern than anything.

Both fire chiefs suggested reflective signage, markings on both sides of home mailboxes, and LED lighting.

"I recommend anything like that would help us find you faster," said Kendrick.

First responders said the best way to prevent an issue in the future is to walk outside of your home and survey the area. They said if you can't tell your 911 address from the roadway, there's no way responders would be able to find it.

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