Captain D's responds to accusations against Perry County employee

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - Thursday, WYMT posted an article about a Perry County man accused of tampering with an assistant police chief's food. The man worked at Captain D's in Hazard.

Terry Jackson, director of operations at Captain D's in Hazard and London, made this statement:

"We want to make this statement in regards to the article that was posted yesterday, and stress to the people of Hazard and the surrounding area that we at Captain D's have the utmost respect for every customer that walks in our doors. We want everyone that visits our store to have an enjoyable dining experience. Captain D's has always considered the training of our employees in food safety procedures as a priority and a point of pride. We require our employees to wear gloves at all times in the kitchen area and wash their hands frequently while at work. If any of these procedures are not followed, management immediately evaluates the situation and takes action as needed. Our store goes through health department evaluations as required and always scores in the upper 90's. In conclusion, we respect all law enforcement officers, along with hospital employees and veterans. We want to assure all our loyal customers that we appreciate your business and would like to continue to serve you as we have the last 28 years."

To read about the employee and what he is accused of, click here.

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