CMH 23 comes to Hazard Forum

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - Country Music Highway 23 (CMH 23) filmed Eastern Kentucky talent at the Hazard Forum on Wednesday.

CMH 23

Crews broke out their cameras, capturing footage of what they call "rich talent" found in mountains.

Their goal is to discover artists and give them a platform to share their music on, much like this network that reaches 18 million households.

Prestonsburg Mayor Les Stapleton says working with a non-profit to bring this regional concept to life was simply a no-brainer.

"We're working with TCN and trying to set up our own TV channel... then we have a website,, which brings tourists to the area," Mayor Stapleton said.

The Country Network crew will be in Eastern Kentucky until Saturday taping in Hazard, Prestonsburg, and Paintsville.

"We have season two which we actually taped last fall, airing the 20th. And then this will roll out probably later in the summer," Cary Rolfe said.

For those interested in watching at home, you can check your local cable listings.

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