Kentucky River Community Care's CEO speaks out about layoff

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - On Thursday, Kentucky River Community Care (KRCC) laid off 40 employees.

"So you have to, unfortunately, take a very hard look at that and what can you afford to do and who you can afford to keep," says CEO of KRCC Mary Meade-McKenzie.

This was a decision, McKenzie said, she made from several different reasons. What mainly drove the layoff was the reduction in the community support associate rate.

"It was primarily community support associate rate that was sent home because the program could no longer sustain those positions," explained McKenzie.

Several other employees in different departments were sent home too. Sadly when facing tough situations, McKenzie says it can cause the making of tough decisions.

"Sometimes that means adding personal and sometimes that means reducing."

McKenzie adds that no additional layoffs are planned at this time.

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