Bullet narrowly misses 5-year-old after road rage incident

MARTIN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - A Johnson County man is behind bars after police say he shot into a vehicle with four people inside.

Officials say one bullet barely missed a five-year-old sitting in the back seat.

The road rage incident turned into a near death experience.

"We thought he was going to hit us at first," recalled Tylor Meadows.

While driving in Lawrence County, Meadows says he noticed Billy York began driving erratically.

"He then got around us, cutting us off and then cut the truck in front of us off," said Meadows.

That is when tensions escalated quickly.

"He then slowed down by us, flipping us off. Rolled down his passenger window and then passed us opening fire into the side of the vehicle," explained Meadows.

He says the next thing he knew, a bullet hit his truck.

"I was very nervous. More of less panic mode at the moment," said Meadows.

The bullet hole is within 30 inches of Meadows' 5-year-old step daughter's car seat.

"That was the most concerning thing about it because we didn't know where it did hit or where he did shoot at," recalled Meadow's cousin, Bart Horne.

Horne was also inside the vehicle at the time of the shooting.

The victims were able to follow York all the way to Martin County. Horne gave information to dispatchers during the pursuit.

"We were very lucky, we really were. Yet, she's five-years-old too. For someone to do that, that's out of this world," explained Horne.

Eventually, deputies intercepted York in the Grassy community of Martin County and took him into custody.

The Sheriff said that spent round casings were found inside York's vehicle along with a concealed deadly weapon and a rifle on the passenger side.

Meadow says he plans to see it through that York sees his day in court.

"It blew my mind like, the good lord above was watching over us," said Meadows.

Billy York did not want to talk to us.

York is being held in the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center.

York now faces four counts of 1st-degree Wanton Endangerment and carrying a concealed deadly weapon.

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