It's heads! Alcohol sales allowed at Buckhorn Lake State Park after coin toss

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After all the votes were counted, Buckhorn voted to stay dry as a precinct, but the vote to allow sales at Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park ended in a tie.

The final count was 155 to 155. County Clerk Haven King says he has never seen this with a ballot issue.

"For us this is history, we never had this happen before," said King. "And people say their vote doesn't count!"

For candidates that tie, it is usually broken by a coin toss. The same tiebreaker was used to determine the wet-dry vote.

The coin toss was held at the old Perry County courthouse on Thursday at 2 p.m. Heads meant wet, tails meant dry. The coin landed heads up and the park will now soon be able to sell alcohol.

Lodge supporters were thankful it was heads.

"I'm always a glass half full kind of gal so I was thinking it was going to turn our good," said Robin Gabbard. "Very happy about today's results."

She says the lodge will now be able to host more weddings and parties.

"Parties, weddings, individuals who want to be a little bit isolated but in the most gorgeous place on earth," she said.

Original story:

One of the issues drawing in a lot of attention is in the Buckhorn precinct of Perry County.

Voters will decide if the area and/or Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park will be able to sell alcohol.

The questions on the ballot could either allow the sale of alcohol in all of Buckhorn, just the Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park or no alcohol sales at all.

Buckhorn is one of three precincts in Perry County that is still dry, the other two being Chavies and Viper.

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