Brother of slain Richmond officer frustrated over lack of progress in case

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WYMT) Eric Ellis says he always looked up to his older brother, Daniel.

“I wish we would have told him more how much he meant,” said Ellis from his home Sunday.

With the 3rd anniversary of Daniel Ellis murder in November, his brother wants to be loud and clear of the kind of justice he wants in his brother’s death.

“What would give me closure is if I knew the state of Kentucky is willing to put their foot down and say 'enough is enough,'” said Ellis.

Ellis believes the system is not serious about prosecuting the accused to the fullest extent of the law.

"We have had 3 police officers killed just this year. And to say this is where it stops. We will seek the highest possible conviction if someone chooses to kill a police officer," Ellis said.

He said from his home Sunday he does not want the accused to receive any kind of reduced punishment.

"Anything less than a trial for the public to see--the sacrifice Daniel has made, anything less than that is a handout or a gift," he said.

A judge is considering whether to move the trial out of Madison County. But Eric Ellis believes that a jury of local citizens needs to be given the opportunity to possibly consider the highest punishment possible.

Ellis wants the death penalty.

“And I want Daniel to get justice in the very city the protected for 8 years,” Ellis said.

Now there’s talk of the judge retiring and he fears how he will be replaced.

“And that has frustrated us because you have a council of 3 people to replace him,” said Ellis.

But what will give him the most closure is knowing the two accused will face a jury trial...and with nothing less than the maximum punishment on the table.

“Let’s fight for the death penalty. We are done with this. We are tired of this happening in our state,” Ellis said.

If the judge decides to keep the trial in Madison County, jury selection could begin sometime in July.

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