Update: Road crews evaluate 150-foot break in Perry County highway

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PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Officials with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet say a break in the roadway currently has Highway 1165, also known as Pratt Mountain Road, closed.

"We have had slides here in the past," Travis Watts, a transportation engineer supervisor said. "With all the rain that we've been having lately, the excessive runoff has caused a lot of issues."

Officials say the break is about one mile away from Kentucky Route 7.

These men watched as it fell Thursday afternoon. Officials say pictures do not do the 150-foot break justice but warn drivers it is not safe to travel on.

"The material of the roadway has just slipped away, taking trees and blacktop and everything with it," Watts said.

It is not just Perry County dealing with heavy rain. From Frankfort to Paducah, workers say many roads are being swept away.

"It's a statewide problem that all 120 counties and all 12 highway districts are having to deal with," H.B. Elkins, the spokesperson for KYTC District 10 said.

In order to repair this crumbling road, men plan to bring in a drill rig and railroad steel, but stabilizing Pratt Mountain will take time.

"As it stands right now there's not even enough of the roadway left to work with to begin drill rig," Watts said. "The rock will have to be removed from the ditch line in order to even get the equipment on the

Officials with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet say highway 1165 connects with Kentucky Route 7 in two places so people can drive through the opposite end, called Maces Creek, while the road is closed.

Crews expect this project to take two or more weeks to repair.

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