"Borrowed Angels" annual event brings mothers together

CORBIN, Ky. (WYMT)- Mothers and doctors that have dealt with losing children, or helping those have experienced loss, come together at annual "Borrowed Angels" event.

Pediatrician and owner of Corbin Pediatrics, Dr. Christina Butler, says unfortunately she sees mothers on a daily basis, with babies that will soon pass from illness.

"It hurts my soul at time to hold those babies. Because I know, I know too, that I can not help them. I will do everything I can, but eventually they are going to succumb to this illness," says Dr. Butler.

Dr. Butler has a unique connection to these mothers, as she went through the same circumstance when she lost her son Christian, only an hour after giving birth.

Christian had heath issues before he was born, but his twin Julia was fine after a few scares in the first few months. Dr. Butler says she is now six years old, and is starting to ask questions about her twin brother.

"So she asks about her twin, and she asks me 'why did he have to die'? And, she will ask 'why couldn't we save him'? Those are hard. Those are very hard questions," says Dr. Butler.

She says she recently started letting her daughter hold a bear she had made that was Christian's exact height and weight before he passed. She says it is helping Julia understand and helping her family heal.

Dr. Butler says one of the hardest but best events she attends every year is the "Borrowed Angels" group night.

The event brings local mothers who have lost babies, as well local doctors that are involved with cases at work, to grieve and heal together.

They have a banquet, where mothers, including Dr. Butler tell their stories, read poems they have written, or sing songs they have written about their children.

Dr. Butler says she invites mothers every year to join her, to help ease the pain in what ways they can, in a healthy manner and with others dealing with the same issues.

Amy Jackson, Perinatal Bereavement Coordinator at Baptist Health Corbin says she began the "Borrowed Angels" event 8 years ago.

Jackson says she felt she needed to do more to help the mothers she met while working in prenatal bereavement.

The event began at 6:30 Friday evening at Grace on the Hill in Corbin.

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