Blending county lines; Hundreds volunteer, donate items to aid search efforts

MAGOFFIN / FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Two hundred to three hundred people helped in the rescue efforts for 22-month-old Kenneth Howard.

Many donated food, water and whatever else might have been needed.

"The gratitude is beyond measure," said volunteer Jessica Slone.

County lines blend here in Eastern Kentucky.

"Seeing everybody pray together, search together and support each other, that was the best feeling," Slone added.

This week we watched that first hand during the search of the little blonde boy.

"It's just like everybody pulled together right when it needed to be pulled together," recalled Slone.

Many felt a special bond with this blue-eyed boy.

"I prayed that God would hold that baby in his arms until someone could find him," said Angie Joseph.

Joseph works at Allen Elementary in the Family Resource Center.

The school, along with many other people as well as businesses donated items to aid search teams.

"It hits home with us because it is a young child and I have children of my own. You know, it's a personal thing," said Jerri Turner.

Turner also works at Allen Elementary inside the resource center.

"I just felt like it was a miracle," said Turner.

Many people in our region stayed glued to a television or their phones to learn the latest on search efforts.

"That's one of the happiest moments that I've had in a long time," recalled Carson Montgomery.

Montgomery is the Sheriff of Magoffin County.

He watched as donations poured in from across the region.

"The support we had was endless," said the Sheriff.

This search started with tears and ended with tears.

Thankfully, those were happy tears.

"I saw something earlier today that said, "never give up. Right when you think it's over, God performs a miracle." I know that God performed a miracle," explained Joseph.

The outpour of help proved just how special a place it is here in the mountains.

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