Big Sandy RECC flipping the switch on customer transparency

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PAINTSVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - Big Sandy Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation (RECC) hosted a media day Wednesday, bringing in members of the local media to discuss the company's recent changes and plans for the future.

During the open house, Big Sandy RECC's leaders discussed the company's new communication efforts as part of its 2019 strategic plan of transparency.

According to new President and General Manager Bruce Aaron Davis, opening the line of communication between the company and its members is the only way to succeed.

"Our membership deserves and demands facts and deserves and demands plans," he said. "To know what kind of state their cooperative is in. What kind of future does it have?"

He said the new strategy will create a platform to answer some of the hard questions in the best possible way allowing Big Sandy RECC customers to see the focus of the group.

"We are looking to the future. We do have a plan. We know exactly what we're doing," he said.

The strategic plan includes keeping media outlets informed in crisis situations and when power outages are impacting customers. This, according to Davis, is one of the things the center hopes to become better at.

"They own us. They are our members. They are our owners," Davis said. "Every decision we make, we have them in mind."

The plan also includes safety measures, financial strengthening, solidifying operations and workforce management. Davis says it is all about making the best possible environment for members of the co-op as well as saving money on the front line to avoid unnecessary rate increases.

As part of the plan, RECC filmed videos relating to some of the most frequently asked questions and customer concerns. That information is available on the company website:

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