Bevin, Beshear, campaign at Harlan County Bicentennial Festival

HARLAN COUNTY, Ky (WYMT) - On the last day of the Harlan County Bicentennial Festival, the two men running for governor stopped by to talk about their campaigns.

Attorney General Andy Beshear spoke first. Some of his talking points were public education, fighting the opioid crisis, and rural hospitals.

"In Kentucky, our challenges are too fundamental. We can't have us versus them. We can't have this side or that side. We can only have us or a we. And, we can only move forward together," said Beshear.

He said this is what brought him to Eastern Kentucky on Saturday.

"I don't believe that a governor, like this governor, should govern out of Louisville. I think he should govern from all over this state," said Beshear.

Governor Matt Bevin stepped on the stage next. He did not have a speech written, but he made it clear he was pro-life and talked about healthcare.

"These are the realities for you to understand. You can blow smoke and talk, but the actions speak volumes," said Bevin.

Governor Bevin spoke about President Trump and Vice President Pence coming to Eastern Kentucky before the election to help with his campaign.

"The odds that at least one or both of them will spend some time in YMT country is pretty decent," said Bevin.

The election is November 5.

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