Benefit concert to raise money for Lincoln County explosion victims

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - More than a week after a pipeline exploded in Lincoln County, the community continues to come together in support of the victims.

A benefit concert for the explosion victims will be at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds. // Phil Pendleton

The explosion happened early in the morning last Thursday. Flames reached approximately 300 feet in the air. 58-year-old Lisa Derringer died in the blast and several others were injured.

A benefit concert is planned to help the victims who lost everything in the explosion. The Lincoln County Fairgrounds is hosting the festival on Saturday, August 24.

Five homes were destroyed and five others were damaged, but dozens of families were impacted.

Steve Dixon said he and a few others wanted to do something to help people. He got the idea for the concert last week and he said the support he received for the event was incredible.

The bands performing will have a little bit of music for everyone.

"A total variety. We have country, southern rock, blues rock, original acts, 80's, cover bands, the whole genre, the whole spectrum," said Dixon.

As of now, about a half dozen bands of regional interest will perform, though the lineup could change before the concert.

Admission to the event will be $10 per person, or $40 per car. Victims of the explosion will not be charged any admission.

New details released Friday night explained that three gas pipelines run parallel in the area. The middle one ruptured, ignited, then exploded - sending 66 million cubic feet of natural gas hundreds of feet into the air. It caused a 50-feet-long, 35-feet-wide, 13-foot-deep crater.

The pipeline was built in 1942, making it 77 years old.

The NTSB is still investigating the cause. The report states that once the lines are allowed to reopen and start moving gas again, they will initially run at 20-percent reduced pressure.

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