Benefit concert raises around $3,500 for federal employee battling cancer

Saturday is day 22 of the partial Government Shutdown.

Adding to the stress each missed payday brings, one local prison worker is battling cancer.

Saturday night, his friends and family came together for a benefit concert in his honor.

In 2016 Dustin Chicko was diagnosed with cancer. Now, a tumor found near his heart has his loved ones worried.

"He tries to be so strong and I know he doesn't feel good. But that is just who he is. He's going to fight no matter what. He never backs down," explained Dustin's wife, Amie.

On top of that, Dustin is a federal employee which means right now he is not getting paid.

"I think everybody is affected when you miss a paycheck," said Dustin.

His friends wanted to make sure money is one less thing he has to worry about.

"Even though we're facing hardship and hard times, they are still willing to put their own needs aside and throw a benefit for their brothers and me," Dustin pointed out.

Saturday's benefit concert held at the Sipp in Downtown Paintsville raised around $3,500.

"I have been with the bureau prison for 13 years and from day one that has been the attitude. That I've got your back, and you've got mine," Dustin explained.

He says he can not put into words how grateful he is to have such a caring community.

"Our community has just embraced us our last three years. We want to thank everybody from the bottom to the top," said Dustin.

Dustin says he is also thankful for his wife's endless support.

"She's absolutely an angel sent from God. That's the only way to explain it," said Dustin with a smile on his face.

During an intermission, a volunteer announced a surprise for every federal employee. Multiple local businesses got together to give out gift cards and coupons.

Tickets were $15 and all the money raised go to Dustin and his family.

Multiple groups played during Saturday's concert. Black Powder Express, The Uplifters, Seth Ferguson, Isabella Stephens, Sons of FM, and Barry Frazee.

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