Benefit concert planned for local federal employee battling cancer

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PAINTSVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - For federal employees affected by the government shutdown, the first paycheck they miss will be Friday.

But for one local prison worker battling cancer, his friends are rallying together to make sure the man they call their brother, along with his family, do not go without.

Dustin Chicko's friends say even though he beat cancer a couple years ago, a tumor found near his heart last year has their close friend battling for his life.

"He's a God-fearing man. He cares about his family more than anything", said Justin Stephens, who worked with Dustin Chick at the prison in Martin County. "And more than anything is his faith with what he's going through. Most people aren't going to be that way. But he's positive."

Whether it is for medical or utility bills or even paying for family to be with him as he gets treatment, Dustin's friends make sure money is one less thing he has to worry about.

"We have thrown several fundraisers for him because what the doctors have told him has been so grim", said Stephens.

Now, Stephens is organizing a concert at Sipp Theatre in downtown Paintsville to help raise money for Dustin. When asking local bands if they wanted to be a part of it, they never hesitated.

"He is a good man. He's got a great family, got young children, good support", said Michael Johnson, who will be performing at the concert with his band Sons of FM. "He's been going through a very trying situation that he's been battling for a while. He needs a lot of help and I want to be involved any way I could."

Johnson also worked with Chicko at the federal penitentiary in Martin County. He says the people he works with, including Dustin, are like family.

"We have each other's backs every day and work together very close, close-knit bond with each other every day at work", said Johnson. "So yeah, it's definitely like a family."

The concert starts at 7 p.m. Saturday evening at the Sipp Theatre in downtown Paintsville. So far, six bands have signed up to perform.

Tickets are $15 and all the money raised will go to Dustin and his family.

Playing at the concert will be Black Powder Express, The Uplifters, Seth Ferguson, Isabella Stephens, Sons of FM, and Barry Frazee.

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