Bell County Sheriff warns about old phone scams circulating once again

Henry County officials in Iowa say on July 29 they received reports of a phone scam in the area. The scammers posed as Henry County Sheriff's Office officials and the phone number appears to be that of the office's number. (Photo: Pixabay/LIcense Link )
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BELL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT)- Bell County Sheriff Mitch Williams is warning people about an old scam, now re-circulating. Officials said scammers are making calls, telling people their social security card number has been used fraudulently or that it is about to expire.

The Bell County Sheriff said the Social Security Administration will not call you in regard to these matters. Sheriff Mitch Williams said even if the caller has convincing information, do not talk to them, hang up.

The Bell County Sheriff is also warning about scams that happen this time of year involving taxes. Williams said the caller claims they are from the Internal Revenue Service. The scammer reportedly says that you have overdue or non-paid tax debt and “unless you contact this number a warrant will be issued for your arrest.”

The sheriff said that the IRS will not call anyone this way to collect tax debt.

If you feel you have been victim of a scam of this nature, you can call the Bell County Sheriff’s Department at 606-337-3102. If you live outside of the Bell County area you can contact your local law enforcement.

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